There's a small train that still runs through the coastal town of Milton,
bringing old dreamers home
and carrying the tales of many adventures still to come.
This is the home of EppicMoments.

EppicMoments Photography
7224 Highway 90
Milton, FL 32583

Nestled in the east side of Milton, Florida is a photography studio that is friendly, humble and extraordinary, just like the town in which it sits.

It began when two close friends, Robert Weston Gillard and
Melissa Epps Vaughn, joined forces to put their God-given talents and lifelong work together.  The result...EppicMoments Photography! 

Since then, these two friends have traveled the country capturing moments for congressmen, Olympic gold medalists, recording artists and everyday heroes.  Their work has been recognized by Parent Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Southern Wedding Magazine and People Magazine.

But, more importantly....
hundreds of local families display EppicMoments' work on their walls.  Proud dads carry these photos in their wallets. Brides glow as they show off their wedding albums.  And, moms and grandma's cry as they go over the fleeting moments captured by EppicMoments.

Come see this these people...and put their gifts to work for you and your family.